Tapeless takes the “production” out of production to make sight, sound and motion services accessible for the digital age. Start with a gearhead mentality, mix with ambitious strategy, storyweaving, imagecraft and finally bunk up with a proven, award-winning “ad agency.” Top it all off with some secret spices and viola: Tapeless.



A lot of thinking goes into every project before we even pick up a camera. Born out of an ad agency, we believe our job is to influence. We help build and execute video strategies that create conversations and engagement for brands.


We focus on cinematography and employ cutting edge tech to capture beautiful imagery. And the edit is where it all comes together. Here we add design, music and color to bring the narrative to life.


Once a project is complete, then what? We don’t stop after production is complete. Tapeless can help guide consumers to content through media services that include the deep targeting abilities of digital and the exciting advances in electronic media.



We're proud to have helped the following clients create story-based content in order to move their business forward.



Using technology advancements in the production of sight, sound and motion, Tapeless delivers original content for campaigns. We cut through the red tape, producing national work that shines, connects and delivers emotion. Moreover, we work with ambitious brands that care about quality work, great stories and connecting with real people.

 To that end we employee real people with ambition that love film, photography and story. We do this work because we believe in the medium of emotion and that brands can tell compelling stories.



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Dylan Amundson
Executive Producer